Ice School + Roche Faurio 3765 m

Sector : Glacier Blanc
Level :
Duration : 2 days
Meeting : 1pm at the Glacier Blanc refuge (2550 m).
Collective : 240 € per person (from 3 up to 4 participants)
Private : 660 € global (until 4 participants)
It is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of reasonable difficulty close to the Barre des Écrins. In a majestic glacial environment, the ascent of La Roche Faurio combines everything we love about a high mountain route: snow ridge, glacier course, final on a real summit with easy rock, breathtaking panorama.


1st day: meet your High Mountain Guide at 1pm at the Glacier Blanc refuge (2550 m) which you will reach in about two hours of walking from Mme Carle’s meadow above the village of Ailefroide.
Departure for the ice school at the nearby Glacier Blanc.
You will refine your cramponing technique on the White Glacier. Night at the Refuge des Écrins.
Climbing altitude: 1300 m.

2nd day: Departure in the night
Progress on the Glacier Blanc to reach the surroundings of the Col des Écrins.
It is then necessary to reach the southern edge of the Roche Faurio by an elegant glacial route, then reach the summit by a short sharp ridge in good rock, straight. Return by the same route, to the Glacier Blanc refuge.
Walking time: 4 to 5 hours from the refuge to the summit.
Time to return from the summit to the Glacier Blanc refuge: 3 to 4 hours.

- Mountain trousers
- Warm underwear
- warm fleece jacket
- waterproof and breathing jacket
- 2 pairs of gloves, bonnet
- warm socks
- sunglasses, sunscreen for face and lips
- backpack, middle size (30 to 40 liters)
- gourde (minimum 1 liter), lunches and snacks, picnic
- headlamps with batteries
- bed sheet. No need for sleeping bags (there are blankets at the refuge)
- alpinism shoes with stiff soles that can be fitted with crampons (check with your crampons before you hike to the refuge) (1)
- classic ice axe (1)
- crampons that fit your shoes (1)
- harness (1)
- helmet (1)
- hiking sticks (1) (1) Renting is possible


3 to 5 participants per guide with the collective formula depending on the weather (itinerary of snow or ice) .

1 to 5 participants per guide with the private formula, depending on the weather and conditions (itinerary of snow or ice) .


The Refuge du Glacier Blanc is accessible by foot from the Mme Carle’s meadow where you can leave your vehicle (large car park). About 700 m of ascending elevation on the way up. To access “Pré de Mme Carle”, you have to go through the valley, from L’Argentière la Bessée (Hautes Alpes), Vallouise, Pelvoux and Ailefroide. There is a train station at L’Argentière la Bessée (“L’argentière les Écrins").


You need to have a certain ease in cramping and to be able to be quite confident in rocks easy to climb (ascent and descent).


This price includes the prestation of a high-mountain guide of the Bureau des Guides et Accompagnateurs des Écrins. It does not include the eventual rental of equipment, neither the night at the refuge or your meals/snacks.


This tour is planned during summer, from June to middle of September. On request out of these dates.